25th Sunday in Ordinary Time 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time
25th Sunday in Ordinary Time 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time
25th Sunday in Ordinary Time 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Season of Creation Season of Creation
Church of the Assumption, Tynock Church of the Assumption, Tynock
St. Patrick's Church, Rathvilly St. Patrick's Church, Rathvilly
St. Brigid's Church,Talbotstown St. Brigid's Church,Talbotstown


Dear brother, and sister, if your hands seem empty, if you think your heart is poor in love . . . the grace of God has appeared to shine forth in your life.
Pope Francis

Welcome to our Parish

The people of our parish show a great pride in our Churches and parish and we hope to continue the excellent work of our predecessors and the various organisations and committees within the parish.
If you contribute to the life of the parish by attending Mass and other celebrations, give your time and talents as a volunteer in one of the many lay ministries and/or provide financial support. We would like to offer our sincere thanks and encourage you to continue to be part of our parish family as it grows and develops.

Mass Times

St. Patrick's Rathvilly

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Mass at 9.30 a.m.
Rosary - each day before Mass

Eucharistic Adoration on Thursday - 10.00 - 11.00 a.m.
Saturday Mass at 7.30 p.m.
Sunday Mass at 11.00 a.m.

Church of the Assumption

Saturday, 21st August Mass at 6.00 p.m.
Sunday, 29th August Mass at 9.30 a.m.

Note *** Masses for Tynock & Talbotstown rotate weekly, check times on the Newsletter or Focus.

St Brigid's Church, Talbotstown

Sunday, 22nd August Mass at 9.30 a.m.
Saturday, 28th August Mass at 6.00 p.m.

Upcoming Events

Confirmation – Talbotstown National School

September 17 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Confirmation – Tynock National School

September 19 @ 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Weekly Notices


September 3, 2021

On Being Brave

THE SPECIAL OLYMPIC WORLD SUMMER GAMES were staged in Dublin in 2003, during an unforgettable week of pride, pageantry and participation.  The swimming competitions were held in the National Aquatic Centre.

In one heat of the “Fifteen Metre Unassisted Swim”, there were only three competitors.  Each had an assistant following in the…


September 3, 2021

A Light Unto My Path

Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Bishop Robert Barron

He has done all things well.  He makes the deaf hear and the dumb speak.  So said the bystanders after they saw Jesus’ healing of the deaf man with the speech impediment.  We are meant to share their amazement in the measure…


September 1, 2021

Rathmore & Rathvilly NS – Saturday, 18th September. 2 Ceremonies 11 a.m. & 2 p.m.
Talbotstown NS – Saturday, 25th September at 11.30 a.m.
Tynock NS – Saturday, 2nd October at 11.30 a.m.

Rathmore NS – Friday, 10th September at 7.00 p.m.
Rathvilly NS…

Pope Francis appoints Fr John McEvoy as “Chaplain to His Holiness”

August 26, 2021

Pope Francis appoints Fr John McEvoy as “Chaplain to His Holiness”

I am delighted to announce today that Pope Francis has honoured Fr John McEvoy, Parish Priest of Rathvilly and Vice President of Carlow College St Patricks, appointing him as a “Chaplain to…

MEDITATION OF THE DAY            “Who shall we go to?”

August 20, 2021

MEDITATION OF THE DAY            “Who shall we go to?”

God’s dream is that mankind will come to know him.  That is why God became man in Jesus and entered into human history. Therefore, the only true thing that counts in the life of any human being is this encounter with Jesus. …


August 13, 2021

She Pondered These Things in Her Heart (see Lk 2:19)

 The Regal Grace of Mary    – Sophie Lippiatt – 

It’s easy to slip into the trap of thinking of Mary as a dull, passive woman completely devoid of personality.  It’s so hard to imagine a truly sinless human being that we clutch at the…


July 30, 2021

It’s not having everything go right;  it’s facing whatever goes wrong.

It’s not being without fear;  it’s having the determination

to go on in spite of it.  It’s not where you stand,

but the direction you’re going in.

It’s more than never having bad moments;

it’s knowing you are always bigger than the moment.


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