Rathvilly Tidy Towns 2023

Published on November 3, 2023

Mark Awarded in 2022    320            Mark Awarded in 2023   327

With the results now released for the Tidy Towns Competition 2023, Rathvilly Tidy Towns are delighted to have been placed 4th in our category from 5th last year.  The judges were impressed with every aspect and provided an extremely positive view from the perspective of a visitor to our village.  Although lengthy, it is worth pointing out the achievements we, and other contributors, have made to the village this year as pointed out in their report.

We were praised for our partnerships with Foroige and Rathvilly National School, which showcase our efforts at engaging local youth into community projects.  Accessing grant aid – an often unseen yet time intensive part of our volunteering effort was also acknowledged.

Our efforts and dedication to improving the aesthetics and amenities of the village while creating a sense of pride among the community was pointed out. Relocating the river signs have enhanced visibility and the revitalised ironwork demonstrate our attention to detail and preservation of heritage. Installation of bike racks and benches demonstrate an attentive approach to enhancing public spaces for residents and visitors alike – and promoting net zero forms of transport. The establishment of the Community Garden stands as testament to our dedication in creating accessible and vibrant public spaces. The Shrine on the way into the village was well presented as were the Church grounds. Halligan Brothers, the Post Office, Lawlor’s Bar and the Green Lemon all received special mention. The judges look forward to seeing the impact of the Town Rejuvenation plans when the Phoenix Centre will get a new lease of life.

The judges praised our efforts in developing the community garden. Through thoughtful designs, adding fruit trees, wildflower patches and nesting boxes demonstrate commitment to biodiversity in this garden. Compost bins, colourful seating and Gala Hutton’s mural adds artistic interest as an area of focus.  Planting of daffodils, tulips and bluebells together makes an inviting and visually appealing space throughout the village. Fr. Cullen Garden was a lovely space as were the street planters and around the Kevin Barry monument.

At Cuckoo Corner efforts to support local wildlife can be seen through expanding wildflower areas and building a bug hotel.  Constructing bird boxes from recycled materials and strategically positioning them along the Tullow road was also noted.

Prioritisation of perennial planting was noted as a financial benefit as well as decreasing maintenance efforts. Mulching larger planting areas to deter weeds and retain water is a responsible resource management. Rathvilly National School has earned high praise for their collaboration in fostering sustainable futures through encouraging green living and environmental consciousness among their students.

Our efforts in maintaining a clean and litter-free environment in the village has been great success as they did not observe a single item of litter.  Implementation of a poster-free policy is also a great initiative. By addressing recycling area concerns and participating in National Spring Clean, we have successfully reduced dumping while upholding cleanliness. Rathvilly National School sets an outstanding example for its community through their commitment to litter awareness and their numerous green flags, serving as a beacon

Ard Bhile is making great progress and this should be supported. The Phelan Street old heritage homes were wonderfully presented. Our commitment to repair Bough Road path and collaborate with the council in repainting “bumblebee” curb markings at Cuckoo Corner shows a resourcefulness and dedication that personifies Tidy Towns volunteers.

A full adjudicators report is available for viewing at www.tidytowns.ie.

In order to keep up the good work in the village we do need funds and if you are able to donate we have a donation box in the post office.