MEDITATION OF THE DAY            “Who shall we go to?”

Published on August 20, 2021

MEDITATION OF THE DAY            “Who shall we go to?”

God’s dream is that mankind will come to know him.  That is why God became man in Jesus and entered into human history. Therefore, the only true thing that counts in the life of any human being is this encounter with Jesus.  We understand the importance of having a goal, an ideal, stable security, and something that genuinely keeps us rooted in our lives.  We all desire to plant our feet on solid foundations, yet often the reality of daily life is that we find ourselves standing on quicksand, the promises of the world.  By truthfully observing ourselves to what happens around us, we often concretely experience that the things of the world cannot fill the heart of man.

Saint Augustine said, “Lord, my heart is restless until it rests in you.”  However, I believe that the meaning of “rest in you” must be understood properly.  Especially today, with all the stress and the many difficulties of daily life, there is a temptation to escape from reality, to create an abstract spiritual world that is unreal and illusory, and to encounter a god that we have created, a god who gives what we want and leaves us in peace to do what we want.  Instead, the Incarnation tells us that we cannot create our own god.  Rather, it is he who comes to reveal himself to us, to make himself known to us, and who comes to meet us.

It’s something different to have a heart that rests in God, a heart that has found everything that it has always wanted and for which it had been created.  I believe this means that we must be willing to lay down our life in concrete actions and that our heart must be rooted both in the present moment and in God.  My experience teaches me that when you truly meet God you have an enormous number of things to do.  It’s no longer meaningless busyness, but a dynamism that is born from the desire to bring to fruition all the potential that God has placed in you.  To say “yes” to Jesus is to reach our maximum fulfilment because this is the true meaning of our existence, the goal to reach.  It is the only thing that really counts and it is for this reason that God became man.    Mother Elvira Petrozzi

is the foundress of Comunito Cenacolo, which welcomes the lost and desperate in seventy-one houses across twenty countries.      © Magnificat, August 2021