Published on November 13, 2020

Our school has won €50,000 in the Aldi Play Rugby Sticker Competition.
Firstly, a HUGE “Thank you” to Aldi and all the families that brought in the Aldi
Rugby Stickers. A win like this is something that we normally only dream about.
It’s now a reality for us!
Coming back to school this year, we were preparing for a very different school
year. While we had to accept that we would not be in a position to offer many of the
activities that the children really look forward to, we were delighted to be able to
return to teaching our fantastic pupils face to face. Aldi have now given us an
opportunity to make changes to our school that will benefit all our pupils and pupils
for years to come. The joy and excitement that this win has created for our school
community could not have come at a better time.
The €50,000 must be used to develop our sports facilities and equipment. We will
be looking into using this money to upgrade our P.E. equipment and develop our
playing surface for the children.