PENTECOST – Come Holy Spirit

Published on May 21, 2021

Come, Holy Spirit

“Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it”          Psalm 81:10

Come, Holy Spirit,

Help me to replace the busyness of my life with a simpler lifestyle,

so I will focus on “the deeper things” in life and allow time for others.

Nourish my yearning to understand and to appreciate myself;

keep me from being too self-oriented and unmindful of other’s needs.

Fill me with trust in your consoling presence.

Calm me when I am anxious and troubled about many things.

Help me to have the courage to empty myself of everything

that does not contribute to the transformation of the world.

Continue to create a deep hunger for you within me.

Feed me with “the finest wheat” of your joy, peace, and love.

Often replenish my weary spirit with an enthusiasm and energy

that comes from surrendering my life to you.

Be my wisdom as I search for meaning in a world

fraught with pain, suffering, hostility and division.

Keep me hungry for you, Source of Life,

so that I will always ache and yearn a bit for you.

Joyce Rupp   © 2000, 2010 by Joyce Rupp.