Published on April 30, 2021

Meditation of the Day

The Grace to Remain

The Lord requires the disciples to remain in him as they are in him now; in this same readiness, in this surrender, knowing that they belong to each other.  But he too will remain in them without ever forsaking them.  Much will happen that could shake the disciples.  Yet they should “remain”.  And they should remain in a Christian way: their remaining should know no rest and no stagnation, but rather should be alive, growing and developing.  And at the same time, they should remember that they are purified by the Father, and their remaining in the Lord is thus also a remaining in the Father and that in the future no separation is possible any longer.

In order to emphasise this, the Lord adds: As a branch cannot bear fruit all by itself, but must remain part of the vine, neither can you unless you remain in me.  It is he who helps them to bring forth fruit, and he also knows that, despite their humanness and their deficiencies, they regard this fruit as the meaning and the centre of their life.  He knows that their assent to him is confirmed and strengthened through their assent to his work.  They will have to continue the work, with their full inner consent, even when he is no longer there.  They have grasped that that is a part of their assent.  But the work will remain the work of the Lord…  He promises them that.  They will be able to bear fruit because he will remain in them.  The bond will be maintained even when he is no longer dwells visibly among them.  Thus he hands then over to the future, a future without his sensible presence.  He gives them over to the work of the Church. . .. a Church of preaching, of works of charity and of the most diverse human undertakings.  But this entire visible and material substance of the future Church can and must be rooted in the invisible substance and in the Spirit of the Lord.  Only in the Lord is the Church alive:

Servant of God Adrienne von Speyr

Adrienne von Speyr († 1967) was a Swiss physician, a mystical writer, and a stigmatist.  With Hans Urs von Balthasar, she co-founded the Community of Saint John.