Published on February 19, 2021

First Sunday of Lent

The Rainbow in the Clouds

Scripture                 Genesis 9:8-15, God tells Noah that the rainbow is a sign of the Covenant.

                                    1Peter 3:18-22The waters of the Ark and the waters of baptism.

                                    Mark 1:12-15.  John the Baptizer is arrested; Jesus preaches the Good News.

Theme                  In Noah’s day, only a few were saved from the waters.  Today, all can be saved with the waters – the waters of baptism.  Lent is a time to repent and believe in the Good News – the Good News that began when God told about the Covenant.  The Covenant is marked by the rainbow.


                                    Focusing Object

                                    Any object with a rainbow on it.


For Adults                  God makes the same covenant with you that is made with every living creature and with all future generations.  The Covenant includes people of all races, from every nationality, from every walk of life, and with all kinds of personalities.

  • Is there a certain person or a certain group of people that gives you a hard time? Is it difficult for you to see him or her, or them with you as the rainbow children of God?  Why do you think that is?
  • God speaks of the “covenant between me and the earth.” That implies a relationship of harmony with all forms of life in our environment.  In what ways are you aware of your connection with, and your responsibility for, the environment?  What steps can you take to improve your relationship with the forms of life and the planet we have in common?
  • The Scriptures tell us that God made a covenant with you and every living creature that is with you, for all future generations. How is your life different when you take God’s covenant seriously?


For Teenagers           A rainbow is a symbol of diversity in harmony.  In a rainbow, the individual colours are unique, but they blend together and form a beautiful unity.  Being a “Rainbow People” means we are a people of diversity who live together in harmony,

  • Can you think of people who are different from you yet live in the harmony of friendship with you? How are they different from you?  How are these differences a blessing to your friendship?
  • A rainbow is a symbol of covenant, a symbol of promise, a symbol of faithfulness. Have you ever broken a promise?  Has anyone ever broken a promise to you?  Have you ever had an experience of unfaithfulness in a friendship?  What happened?
  • God said that the rainbow was a sign of the covenant between God and the earth. How is your relationship to our planet earth and all of its life?  What are some of the problems human beings are creating for other forms of life, and what are some things you can do to help solve these problems.?

For Children             

  • Have you ever seen a real rainbow in the sky? Where did you see it?  What were you doing at the time?  What was it like?
  • God said the rainbow was a sign of the covenant between God and all of us. A covenant is a promise of love.  Who are some people you love?  What do they do for you that shows how they love you?
  • In a rainbow, all the colours are different, but they are all beautiful. Even though people are all different, each person is beautiful to God.  Look at the people around you now.  How is each person different from you?  How is each person beautiful in a different way?

Closing                   We are the rainbow people.

We are the rainbow people.

We are beams of golden light.

We are the bridge to the dawning of a new day.

(“Rainbow People,” a Native American chant)